Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trekking Back to Indonesia For a Moment

For almost a year now, I have been asking you to pray for a very special friend of mine from Indonesia. This past spring and summer while we were in the States I shared with just about everyone about my friend and many of us prayed for her salvation together. In my letters I referred to her as "Mary" because I wanted her to be safe from friends or family members who may find out about her seeking. Shortly after we arrived here in Nepal, "Mary" wrote to me and told me that she had finally made the decision to accept Christ and she was so full of joy. Now, she would like the whole world to know that she is a believer and she would like for her real name to be publicly known now. Let me introduce you to our new sister in Christ, Maylan! The picture above is Christmas 2007 at my house. That is me with my volleyball team. Maylan is the lady sitting on the far left in the maroon colored outfit. Her mother is sitting on the floor, wearing the red jilbab. Please continue to pray for Maylan and include her mother in those prayers too.

After I left Indonesia several of our staff ladies who are still there have taken Maylan under their wings and have been providing wonderful support and encouragement for her. One of the ladies asked that all of her blog followers write a note of encouragement to Maylan. There was a HUGE response to that and when Maylan saw all the letters written to her from all over the world, she was floored. Here is Maylan's letter in response (in her own words):

"Dear Friends,

I weep as I read all the warm welcome from everybody. I can't remember all your names, but for sure I remember some of your faces. My deepest thanks for all of my new sisters and brother in Christ. My special thank you to Ronda (now in Nepal) who had encouraged me and suggested me to keep on asking question to God (I wish you were here the day I made my decision), to Rebecca who had recently gotten closer to me after Ronda left (thanks for the great books and the nice conversation with Brad that afternoon).

I remember when the first day I accepted Christ, I felt like a little girl running along the road and telling the world that I follow Him. I jumped in happiness and everything around me looked so new. In every green leaf, I saw Christ. The most joyous I have ever felt. I guess now I know that it really spread all over the world and everybody gave me a warm welcome, special thank you to Joy who made me feel so special with this.

For all the choices I've made in my life, to be in Christ is my best of all. I haven't felt so right, so in peace, so honour, and as happy as I feel since I follow Christ. Part of it is because everything I read right now, when it tells about how to live in the Christian way, I feel like opening a wonder box containing gifts that I like. I become my real self. When I pray, I treasue the freedom of talking to my God anytime and the feeling that He accepts me the way I am. The main thing of all is that I grew up in an environment where there are many unpleasant news and story about Christianity, they were all discouraging. But God Himself, came and showed me that it is all right. I didn't believe Him, but He was so patient at my stubbornness and my mingled heart, He presented around me all great friends, great examples of families who live in Christ, and showed me how good people they are and how in peace they are become in this life. If Christ also provides room for me, why wouldn't I stay there?

My parents and my other family haven't learned yet. Although, my brother and some friends already found out, I don't keep it a secret anymore, but I also keep it quiet and let Christ to work His hand on it.When someone asks, I say, "I am a follower of Christ."

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