Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This week...

Faith, Family, Friends by Kim Klassen
Faith, Family, Friends

This week has been an interesting week for me where nothing interesting has really happened but what has been stirring in my mind. We've all been worried about the world economy and how it is affecting our families and friends. I've been a bit stressed about "the waiting game" that we are in right now with the Nepali government. And many of us have been a bit concerned about what our new President will bring to our country. These are big things that are shaping our world today and one of the biggest thoughts I have is, "how will all of this affect my children today and tomorrow?"

Faith is what I have to hold onto. Faith in a God that never changes. Faith in a God that loves me and my children. Faith in a God who has continually paved the way for my family and has rained down blessings upon blessings. Faith in a God who never leaves me nor forsakes me. Faith in a God who has brought many a pharoah and king to their knees.

I have been so blessed having all my children home this year. Ben is maturing and growing so much now and I'm glad we aren't missing it. Nathan is developing into quite a clown and he brings many smiles to our dinner table. David is quite the little character who can give his brothers quite a run around...it's fun to see all this interaction between the boys.

We have also been blessed by so many wonderful friends. Friends who encourage us, pray for us, and support us in so many different ways. This week...I have missed each and every one of you. My prayer for you is that you can also fully and completely trust in God and have faith that in whatever trial you may be facing this week, that God is faithfully working behind the scenes to work through each of the details in your life and that His name will be glorified in the end. We'd love to hear how God is working in your life...this week.


Maylan said...

This week, after being burned with too many activities, God gave me surpirse with warm welcome from many people all over the world. He is also guiding me to be more and more thankfull for everything provide for me. There is no other I said in the pray, but thank this and that.

Rebecca Hopkins said...

Ronda, I really loved this post. All this has been on my mind, too. I realized today that I have been quite anxious about all you mentioned. But I have decided i need to spend more time praying since i have access to the most powerful Person in the world (not Obama, as some may think right now! :) ) Also, I am very thankful for your friendship and wish we could go on a walk tomorrow morning and share all that is on our hearts.