Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year Prayer

A Street Scene in Kathmandu by Michael Melford
A Street Scene in Kathmandu

Lord, I come to you in this new year, 2009, with much gratitude and thankfulness for all that You've provided for me and my family this past year. You've paved the way and opened up all the right doors for us in order to make this move to Nepal a successful one. You allowed my sons to all be home this year and to attend a wonderful, little Christian International school together here in Kathmandu. You have kept us safe while we maneuver through these often times congested streets and narrow corridors throughout this city. You have provided us with cooking fuel when needed, you've provided for us a back-up power supply system for us during these long days without electricity. You have blessed us with some fun adventures while we wait for our licenses and permissions to begin a flight program here in Nepal. And you've even stepped in when times get frustrating during language learning.

Lord, this year, as we continue to be in a "holding pattern" waiting for all the correct permissions and such, we ask for patience and renewed strength. This is not an easy city to live in now that winter has hit and conditions are deteriorating even more for the people here. I pray for clean air, a reprieve from the thick smog and dirt that is hovering over and throughout this city. I pray for those who are without a backup system and must sit in darkness during these long spells of no electricity. I pray for those without sufficient shelter during these cold days, please provide them with warmth. I also pray for all the people here who are being gripped by spiritual darkness. I pray that Your Name will become great here in Nepal and that Satan's grip will be released.

Father, I pray for my family as we wait. Some days are quite discouraging and we must ask for forgiveness for those times when we doubt Your plan. All things will work together for good as we wait on Your timing. I pray for health for our family during these winter months. You have blessed us so far with good health and now when the air quality and dust/dirt levels are terribly high, I pray that you protect our bodies from harm. I ask You for knowledge, understanding, and patience as we continue to tackle this seemingly difficult language. Please help me to remain steadfast and focused during those days when I just want "to throw in the towel".

Thank You again for calling my family here to Nepal. Thank you for all You've done for us and for everything that You are planning for us this year. I pray that You go before us and secure our footing. In Your Holy Name, Amen.

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