Sunday, December 21, 2008

Overcoming Fear

What are some things that you have a "fear" of? For me, it's losing one of my children, or my husband being in an accident, or snakes (thanks to growing up in Arizona and then living in the jungles of Indonesia). All of these things are very valid fears. These are things that I've seen other people have to live through and I don't ever desire to experience myself. However, some of us also fear other things like heights (still a very valid fear)...and that was our youngest son, David. About 3 years ago, while in Arizona on July 4th, the boys wanted to try some simple wall climbing while waiting for the fireworks display to begin. It was cheap and they had never had the chance to do something like that, so we obliged. Both Ben and Nathan shimmied right on up the wall and then came David. Poor kid, he climbed up to about my shoulder height and began to "freak out"! The poor kid began to shake and cry and then he was unconsolable. A few weeks later, we went to visit some friends of ours who owned some horses. She let the boys ride them; however, when David got up on the horse, he froze. Our friend had to ride with him and even then it was very scary for be up on a horse! And then that same furlough, we went to Nebraska, to Stan's uncle's farm and the guys pulled out the repelling gear (this was something that Stan and I used to do in our younger and more insane years). Stan and Elroy just had to go repelling off the silo again and the boys wanted to be right up there with them. Ben and Nathan, once again, shimmied right on up to the top. They felt like conquerors! David, really, REALLY wanted to be up there too but couldn't do it on his own. So I told him I would climb right behind him and help him. He agreed but it was the longest climb of my life (and his, I'm sure!) He cried and shook the whole entire way up, but he was determined and he did it. And then about a year ago, while in Bali, we took the boys rock climbing again and David was able to make it up half way...
And now, three years later, I'd like to share with you that David has completely overcome his fear of heights AND has probably found his "calling" in life...
We found the most awesome rock climbing and bouldering recreation site here in Kathmandu (shouldn 't surprise me seeing that the world's largest mountain is located here in Nepal). We took the 3 boys and one of their friends to check it out and it was non-stop fun for the boys once we got there. David took one look at all the different options and took a deep breathe and said, "well, I hope I can do this." Not only did he make it up...he did it at least 5 times!! And he was probably the most graceful and most relaxed I've ever seen him. He slipped once when on the big climb but he was able to hold onto the hand-holds, swing himself back to the wall and proceed on up. It was amazing and he LOVED it. Here is the proof...

This looks like it is straight up but it's not! There is quite an overhang.
Can you see the smile on David's face?
This is Ben heading to the top...this picture also shows you a bit of the angle when climbing up. All the boys did an awesome job and we are especially proud of David for not giving up and eventually overcoming his fear of heights.
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