Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kayaking, Part II

Here are some more pictures from our kayaking trip this week.

This is a portion of the river, in front of our camp/resort. The water level is way down because we haven't had any rain for over 2 months now and the snow obviously isn't melting up in the mountains at this time. However, this made for some interesting maneuvering in some spots.

Here is Ben putting on his wetsuit in the morning. It took a lot of mental willpower to put them on in the mornings. Once you got them on, it wasn't so bad. He does look a litte stunned though. :-)

And here is our group photo. Tim and Karen Chase are in the back; Karen with the helmet on and Tim next to her. Ben is standing with the paddle next to Tim. Then standing below, left to right, are Stan, me, Nathan, and David.

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Maylan said...

Ben is really growing in the last six months. How fun to see you guys there! BBRRRR COLD!