Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yesterday, Stan and I were walking to the grocery store and just around the corner from our house, we ran elephant!! It was just walking down the street like it owned the it totally belonged there. It didn't have a load on its back at the time so we were a little mystified as to what was going on. When I finished my shopping and was on my way back home, there was the elephant, in the same spot, but this time with a load of "groceries" on his back too. I just so happened to have the heaviest load of groceries ever in my backpack (38.2 lbs to be exact) and was wishing for a little reprieve when I saw how big his load was. I didn't complain anymore (but it would've been nice if the elephant offered to help me out a little bit). Only in Kathmandu!

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maylan said...

If the elephant did offered, I think it would have eaten some of it.