Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The boy in the front of the elephant is Nathan! His 7th grade class took a trip down to southern Nepal to a place called Royal Chitwan National Park. Here they learned about the specific people group in that area, passed out candy and school pencils to the children, rode elephants, washed elephants, took a jeep safari through the "savannah" and saw wild rhinos, deer, and peacocks. Nathan said it was like being in Africa, Australia, and Indonesia all at once because of the diverse flora and fauna just in this one park area. What a cool class trip!
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A said...

Now there is a sight most kids would never get to see. What a wonderful day!!

The Alaskan Wildfowlers said...

what fun! all my favorite places :) well, you know i've never been to indonesia, but when you lived there it was one of my favorite places... now, it's nepal :)

Chandelle Cotter said...

How fun! What cool expiriences your boys are able to have! We keep you guys in our prayers as you live your adventure every day!