Monday, September 7, 2009

Visiting the Boys at Dalat Int'l School

This past weekend, Stan, David and I had to do a visa run out of the country. We asked that our visa be sent to Penang, Malaysia rather than to Singapore so that we could visit with Ben and Nathan too. We arrived on Thursday and stayed until Sunday morning. It was a wonderful time with the boys and we were successful in getting our visas.

David, Ben, and Nathan all together again.

Nathan running laps around the school for soccer practice. PS: That is the ocean in the background.
I have no idea what Stan and Ben are doing here!

This is more like reality with all 3 of them together. :-)
The following picture is of the three of them watching one of Nathan's roommates play a computer game in the dorm.

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Chandelle Cotter said...

I cant believe how much Ben looks like Stan! I remember babysitting him during vollyeball practices:) I dont think I could pick him up now! What handsome boys you have!