Monday, September 21, 2009

Hangar Happenings!

Since landing here in Banda Aceh, life has been CRAZY!! However, I can honestly say that it has been good. The Lord has truly been doing wonderful things here and it is great to be a part of His plan. Our biggest goal after arriving here was to get a hangar contract signed with the Indonesian Air Force out at the airport. This has now happened and I would like to share those pictures with you; from the signing of the contract, parking the Caravan on the apron for the first time, renovating the door to the hangar and to finally being able to park the Caravan inside our newly acquired hangar. Thank you God!

Stan with the Komandant, his legal attache, our attorney AND a signed contract!

Here is a picture of our hangar and the Caravan pulling in to park on the apron for the first time. We are still unable to put the airplane inside due to the doors being too small. However, that will be "fixed" soon.

The Komandant was there for the plane's arrival. Martyn Den Os flew the plane up from Meulaboh.

This is Amber Desist, another one of our pilots, standing quite proudly with her "girl" in front of the hangar.

Not sure if you can really tell how HUGE this facility is but it has a tennis court, volleyball court, and 3 badmitton courts on the inside. Not sure what God's plan is with this facility but we are sure excited to find out.

We hired a team to come in and take out the doors and knock out the walls on the front so that we can park the airplanes on the inside.
And there she is; on the inside, out of the elements, for the first time since she came to Aceh!

Sitting comfortable now. :-)


Paul said...

Glad to see everything is going so well (and moving quickly!). We miss you here though!

Audrey said...

Yea! Praise God for getting things done so quickly. Hope you are all well - you sound happy in your updates :)

Carol Kent said...

Thanks for your updates. It's great to see how our Father is working things out for you all.PTL.

Every blessing.