Monday, June 1, 2009

What Would You Have Done?

Life Is Made Of Choices
Life Is Made Of Choices

Ok, so this plaque is really not what my blog is about today, but I will be giving you some choices to look through in regards to a real live incident that Stan just experienced this past week. Here is the "set-up"...

As you know, about 2 weeks ago, there was a bombing in the local Catholic Church here. Since then, security has been pretty tight. Today, there was a city-wide bandh (closure/protest) put on by a majority people group who are demanding certain rights. Everything was shut down; no taxis, buses, cars, and most businesses were closed. Nothing major has come of it; however, it does mean you stick close to home.

Now that you have a better picture of what "life" has been like here lately, you will understand Stan's dilemma a little better. While riding his bike back from language school one day, he turned off of the main road onto a back residential road just in time to be the recipient of a flying butcher knife! This knife came flying over the cement wall and hit his bike, alarming Stan, and causing him to stop suddenly. Now, what would you have done?...

a) Get back on your bike and ride away as fast as possible, pretending that nothing had happened?

b) Throw the knife back over the wall and ride away?

c) Take the knife as evidence and contact the local authorities?

d) Confront whoever it is that is behind that wall?

I probably would've done (a) but I would forever be very wary when passing by that house again. Which one did you choose? Stan chose (d)! He is a very brave man; however, it was a bit humorous because when he went into the gate, he saw a woman cowering in the shadows looking a bit frightened. Stan called on the person to come out and talk to him. A younger man came out and was super apologetic. He said that somehow his mother had managed to fling the knife over the fence and that it was totally an accident. Hmmm, makes you wonder what was going on behind that wall???!!! Anyways, Stan decided to let it go but it did shake him up a little bit especially because this happened only 2 days after the bombing. Yikes!


Audrey said...

Oh my gosh Ronda! I'll bet that woman won't be flinging any more butcher knives LOL That's pretty scary. I'm with you, I probably would have run for my life.

Sorry about the bandh- hopefully it won't become a common occurance.

Praying for you and the family - say hi to the boys!

Michelle said...

Totally would have done (a.)... glad Stan is ok - I think I would have been mad at him for doing that!:D

Chandelle Cotter said...

wow thats crazy- Praise God Stan didnt get hurt!

Beth Ellis said...

Ack!!! Scary! I wonder if he drove by every day if he might get you a new set of knives???

Maylan said...

Oh my, this is scary and funny at once. I would have done a but also want to know who and why would that happen. I knew excactly that Stan would have done that d.

This is ........... (I want to say more but don't know what)
Praise to God the knife missed him.