Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Please Stay Tuned"...

I just wanted to let you know that this Saturday the boy's school lets out for 2 weeks of Spring Break and we are heading out on another trek. This time, we will trek into the Annapurna Sanctuary, which is touted as being the most beautiful trek in Nepal. This time, we will encounter snow and even higher elevation than what we did on our Langtang trek. This is also a 10 to 11 day trek and a bit more difficult. However, I won't bore you will all the details right now, but I will say "please stay tuned" for pictures and more stories about this trek after we return.

I wanted to also share with you a little bit about what else is to come on this blog. As you know, we are hoping to bring an airplane into Nepal within this, I thought it would be nice to start highlighting some of the areas that MAF is looking at flying into. So, once again, "please stay tuned" for a peek into the places we'd like to begin serving with the airplane.

In the meantime, while you are waiting for my return, it would be nice if I could have some feedback in regards to this blog. Any comments or suggestions would be most welcome.

Take care and Happy Easter...may this be a wonderful time of reflecting on the awesome display of love and mercy that Christ portrayed for us. I sometimes sit and wonder about Mary, Jesus' mother, and the pain and agony she endured when witnessing the cruel death of her son. She is such a testimony of faithfulness and strength...I wonder, do I have that in me also? I think that sometime I would love to do a study on her and her attributes. Any suggestions out there?

Until next time...


Michelle said...

I just realized that 2 years ago, I was in Nepal for Easter! Wow, time flies:)

Just wanted to let you know that I check in with your blog regularly--it's fun to see your photos and hear about life there. Alot of times I find myself nodding my head, remembering what certain things are like as you describe them:)

Hope you have a great trek-will be praying!

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Ronda,

Thanks for sharing that with us! Amen & amen! Do the study on Mary!! I'm positive that God will bless you during it!

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May the Lord bless you and your family!!

Mark, Lynn, Brooke & Carley Seay

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Maylan said...

Have a good trek. Can't wait to see your next pictures.

Madhav said...

hello !
please email me.

Chandelle Cotter said...

I hope your trip was amazing and safe:)