Sunday, April 19, 2009

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek, Part 1

Phewatal Lake, Annapurna Region, Pokhara, Nepal by Gavin Hellier
Phewatal Lake, Annapurna Region, Pokhara, Nepal

This is a picture taken from Pokhara (our future home hopefully), looking northward at the Annapurna Range. The mountain in the center, that is poking straight up, is called "Machapuchre Mountain" or better known as "Fish Tail Mountain" and is considered to be holy. Our trek took us right up to that mountain and then a bit northwest of it. We started our trek about 40 minutes past Pokhara and then hiked the rest of the way into this "Sanctuary"...and here's our story.

This is an "after shot" of our group that we went trekking with. We were a very international group, representing all ages. Our oldest was a Swiss lady (at 64 yrs old) and her English husband (61 yrs old). Our youngest trekker is from an Australian family, Josh, who is 5 years old. It was fun to have friends on this trek for each of our boys to hang out with; Ben had Joel (16 yrs old), Nathan had Matthew (12 yrs old), and David had James (8 yrs old).

These men were our porters and guide. Chandra, the man below in the striped shirt, was our guide and made sure that we had a place to stay each night and helped whoever needed it at the time. He would hike with our group, behind our group to help the stragglers, or leap ahead and secure a place for us and then hike back down to make sure we were still coming. He was amazing. Our porters were equally as amazing. They each carried several packs on their backs and nimbly climbed up and down without any complaining.

This is the other form of transportation in the Himalyans. The mules are not able to make it up to the higher elevations but they are definitely very valuable where they can go. Here they are carrying propane tanks to a village called Chhomrong (2100 meters).

Ok, that is all I have time to share with you today. It is a bit of an introduction and I hope that I can post some more for you tomorrow.


Maylan said...

Can't wait to see more of your Trek. They are great!

Michelle said...

Looks like the weather was pretty clear? The day I hiked up to get a look at Fish Tail, I couldn't hardly see it for the clouds - about this same time of year actually. Can't wait to see and hear the rest!!