Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playing with the Children

This past Saturday my sister arrived with a group of women from her church in the Phoenix area. They are here for 10 (or 12) days and are just loving on the people. They have graciously invited me to join them during certain times and I have been totally enjoying myself. I promise that I will post some more pictures as soon as they are available to me. I've been using my sister's camera and at the end of their time here, they will be making a CD of everyone's photos. However, today, I did use my camera a little bit and am able to share these with you ...
Today we went to a "baby" orphanage. There were about 30 toddlers; age 1 to 3 years old and then about 7 or 8 infants. My sister's group had brought clothing for the ladies that work there as gifts and so we passed all of that out first and then we PLAYED! I became a jungle gym, taught "Patty-Cake", sang "Row Row Row Your Boat", tickled, hugged and taught a 2 year old how to play ball. After that I went upstairs and found the little babies... oooh my heart melted! The youngest was a 2 month old girl. I had forgotten how to hold such a little life...but it came back fast and our time ended too quickly.

This was not a Christian orphanage but on our way out, one of the employees stepped out of the room she was in, and quietly gave us the Christian Nepali greeting. It was so sweet and so encouraging to think that there is at least one believer here who could possibly share Christ's love with these precious children. On our way out, we stopped and prayed for the children and for each of the helpers there. We don't know what will happen to these children; adopting children from Nepal is very regulated right now. But God knows and He is watching over each and every one of them.
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Beth Ellis said...

Ronda, this is awesome. You're living the good life!!!