Monday, March 9, 2009

Holi Festival

People, Faces Smeared with Colors, Celebrate Holi
People, Faces Smeared with Colors, Celebrate Holi

For the past days, it has been like walking the gauntlet when venturing outside. As you may remember, we do not own a vehicle other than simple bicycles (the boys and Stan). So, when I go to school, go grocery shopping, go to church, etc. I must walk...and for this week, that means I may get wet!

Even though these past days have not been THE Holi day, all the celebrations have begun. Tomorrow will be THE day though! Holi is a festival that is celebrated here in Nepal and in India. This is a celebration of Lord Krishna's triumph over a female demoness named, Holika. The celebration has basically become one big water party and then on the 5th day, the water balloons and buckets are now colored with different colored dyes. Red and pink are the colors of purification so many boys and men will completely cover themselves in red powder and dance throughout the streets. I, on the otherhand, will remain inside. The boys would like to go to a friend's house in the next district and "take 'em on" with water balloons and our super-soakers (school has been cancelled for tomorrow due to the inevitable soaking they will all get on their way to school...just not good).

It actually amazes me that they celebrate this during the driest time of the year. We have all been put on water rations and the water table is quickly diminishing. Oh, did I mention, that even foreigners are one is exempt! So today, I went and stocked up on fresh veges and fruit and took a taxi home to avoid "stray" water balloons. I am so jumpy now that even when a pigeon or a crow takes flight off of the top of a roof here, my brain translates that as an incoming "bomb" and I react. I'm sure I've given several people a good laugh over the last few days. I wish I could go out and take pictures for you, but I really don't want to destroy our camera. This picture up above that I've found online will have to do for you.


Beth Ellis said...

Ronda, I saw this in the movie Outsourcing, and had no idea they were celebrating demons... what a difference a little info makes. Well, we do pray for your safety, for the powers to be to have a change of heart and for God's provision for water and all that you need to do His work.
God be with you all.

Ashley said...

Hello! I just came across your blog through a link on Joy's "Stay at Home Missionary" blog. What an exciting life and ministry you have! My family lives and serves in ministry to college students in Russia, and I LOVE getting to see ministries so different than ours, though of course serving the same great God! I have a friend whose family is currently looking into MAF, and it looks like an amazing ministry to be a part of. God bless your family and ministry!

Ronda said...

Hi Ashley, I'm glad to have "met" you via blogging. Joy and I were on the same program in Kalimantan before God called us here to Nepal. This is definitely an adventure for us here but we know that this is where God wants us to be. God bless you in your ministry also!